DFX Consulting

DFX – designing for manufacturability, testability, assembly etc. is not just a buzz word. Making the right design in the first run will save so much money in latter stages. With the right expert to each step in the process, we will be to help you out.


In this unstopping world making the design right from the first time is a very important decision. After you made your first trials and feasibility tests, when you want to move to a product this is the time to stop and look over your design making it more manufacturable, more testable and more cost effective. with our accumulated experience of more than 120 years in the field making products for solar energy, medical, defense and more we can make the difference from almost good products to a really good one. When our expert, each with more than 20 years in the field, and from all knowledge base starting in electronic and antenna design to PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, electronic packaging and sealing and bonding process set together and look at your design you can get a real jump to a better product.

soldering PCBADFT- Design For Testing

In design stage the question of the ability to test and confirm products reliability and quality must be investigated.

  • How will you test your PCB reliability? Using our HSL2L might be considered, then PCB design should fit it
  • How will you test your electronic functioning?
  • How will you test your packaging for hermeticity or for IP sealing?
  • How robust is your mechanical design? Should it be tested for vibration? Should it conform with automotive standards?
  • How will you test your sealing and bonding process, surface preparations for adhesion process?
  • How will you test for corrosion resistance – what is the environment in the field, what is the expected lifetime?

DFM – Design for Manufacturability

Our service includes following aspects of manufacturing and helps you to lower the risk

  • PCB pannelization to reduce the cost and improve solderability
  • Components placement
  • Reflow and wave soldering design
  • Components selection for high reliability and conformance with assembly process
  • Conformance with environmental requirements
  • Selection of conformal coating materials and processes
  • Selection of potting materials, and adhesives and processes

DFR – Design for Reliability

The reliability of the product is fundamental in every industry and for sure in the defense, medical, telecom and automotive. Reliability of a product can be much better in the right manufacturing process, testing done on the production lines and better design. We will help you with:

  • Defenition of environmental, years of service and thermal cycles, risk assessment.
  • We will work with you and find the critical points and the critical point in your system responsible for most or your risks.
  • Together we will define the best strategies to lower your risk and how to test and validate your products are standing in the needed reliability standard