Electonic Failure Analysis

Failure cost is high, surely failure at found by customer in cost, reliability and every other aspect. In doing high quality failure analysis in the manufacturing and testing time you make your products better and your cost lower. with more than 120 accumulated years in the field we can help you fix your failure from the root in the fastest way.

Failure analysis is a major issue and the right analysis is critical making your products more reliable and easier to manufacture in high quality. Our advisory board with over than 120 years of accumulated experience seen it all almost. We can make your failure analysis faster and usually cheaper in a matter of testing needed.

Root Cause

The main target in failure analysis is finding the Root cause. we are working with the best laboratories in Israel and abroad to find your failure – but most important we have EXPERIENCE! We all Know from our experience how many tests are done without the right interpretation and even the knowledge of the process to ask for the 

right test. so if we will need we make the necessary samples, test them with SEM, with TMA and any other types of equipment, but many time just from understanding your failure we will make it faster and cheaper and most important find the root cause to save you repeating failures.