HSL2L Ordering Process

How to order HSL2L test?, where to send the coupons, how to get ther reports? here you will find the answers

HSL2L is the fastest and a very good test for PCB reliability.

Its 2-3 minutes to make a standard testing plan order on site in this link.

What’s is standard testing?

standard testing is the best option for 99% of our customer, it delivers results usually in less than 72 hours, its include drying (if required) and up to 6 reflow simulation before the test, it includes full 4-wire resistance graph of the daisy chain in the coupons. In the test, our HSL2L patent pending machine moves the coupons electrically connected from -30ºC to +145ºC liquid silicone oil. the standard testing includes connectivity to HATS, IST, IPC and other coupons type.

Order process

After order made, you will get an order confirmation and questionaries about incoming information about your coupons, and address for coupons shipment. once received we will inform you on coupons status and will send you full PDF reports for your coupons after test done. We will keep your coupon for up to a month, so if you want to take your coupon back please let us know.

What’s is Custom Testing Plan?

If you work a lot of time with thermal test and want a special test for PCB’s or PCBA’s we here to make it happen faster and better. you can ask for specific thermal extremes, specific dwell time at extremes and special connectivity. We will find the right connectivity with you and even help you make a better coupon design like SMT connectors etc. Because its special conditions relevant only for you the minimum is a batch there is no option for few coupons test.

Give us a ring or send us e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP.