HSL2L temperature cycle

HSL2L validation process and normal working procedure include test for the cycle time inside a 3.4mm thick coupon to ensure every coupon with thickness less than 3.4mm will reach the peak temperature in the middle of the coupon.

The HSL2L is based on the high-speed heat transfer of the oils used in the tanks. Faster than air we can get very fast cycles down to 2 minutes. to ensure the coupons get to the desired temp we made a temperature testing coupon that goes with the coupons from cold tank to the hot tank and back while reading the temperature. the thermocouple in the coupon is epoxy glued in 3.4mm epoxy laminate so we know for sure that any coupon with a thickness smaller than 3.4mm will reach the desired temperature in that time.

we show here a temperature graph (tested as needed to ensure system stability) for such coupon.

As you can see in the graph below the temperature extreme needed is reached and is very stable. The heat transfer is very fast thus the temperature swing is very fast.

In the picture below we enlarged 2 cycles of the HSL2L from the graph above to show the normal working cycle time.