HSL2L Validation

HSL2L based on Thermal Shock test information and baseknowledge going back to the 1950-1960. In this article we will go through some of the validation tests we made to compare the HSL2L results to other thermal shock test.
HSL2L – High Speed Liquid to Liquid testing was developed in 2013 in order to serve as a gatekeeper to ensure highest PCB reliability in mass production

Thousands of coupons were tested along the years using HSL2L

Before HSL2L approved to be a gatekeeper we validated the test procedure versus Air to Air testing which is approved testing in many industries for the approval of PCB’s (HATS®)

together with theoretical aspects and question arose.

In the validation process, we tested coupon from same batches and same manufacturer in Air to Air system and in High-Speed Liquid to Liquid.

in the following graphs, you can see coupons and batches failed in the Air to Air system and also in HSL2L

some more sample tested in the validation process in the following table

Has can be seen very clearly in the graph and table above the HSL2L give same failures as HATS, keep in mind that the number till failure is different as coupons from the same batches tested but from different location, thus different time to failure (10% change in resistance)

*HATS is a registered trademark of Bob Neves.