Our Team

Beyond Materials Ltd has a very strong technology team with leading experts, each with more the 20 years of experience in his field. from PCB manufacturing, Metal finishing and corrosion, printed circuits assembly, electronic packaging reliability, electronic and antennas design and reliability.

Ido Mashall


Ido Mashall. Beyond Materials Ltd. CEO. Printed circuit boards and Metal Finishing Expert
has more than 20 years of experience in the PCB area – from process engineering,  printed circuit Board Fab management and consulting for medical, defense and PCB manufacture in Israel and Abroad.

Ido has the following academic degrees from the Technion – Israel Technological Institute, in Haifa Israel:

B.A. in Biology – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

M.Sc. in Materials Engineering – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Our Advisory Board

Our team of experts can help you in all your need to make your electronic system best and fast. from designing to first articles and up to mass production failure analysis we here for help. Our experts all have more than 20 years in the fields, helping product developments for defense, aerospace, medical, solar energy and many other areas. From

Dr. Israel Gershman

Electronic reliability expert

Israel Gershman electronic reliabilityDr. Israel Gershman is reliability consultant and in addition, serves as the Chief Reliability Engineer at SolarEdge Technologies Ltd. Dr. Gershman has extensive unmatched experience in the area of reliability design and implementation for very long life electronic systems located in extreme outdoor environments. Dr. Gershman’s background spans more than 35 years of design and production of multidisciplinary and highly reliable systems.

Dr. Gershman served at the Technological Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the elite organization responsible for multidisciplinary R&D and cutting-edge technology, for over 23 years. He served in various R&D and technological positions and fulfilled executive management roles including head of Reliability and Quality Division, and head of the engineering department, where he was directly managing over 120 employees and running large scale projects involving hundreds of engineers from a wide variety of science disciplines. Dr. Gershman was awarded the Israel Defense Award, Israel’s most prestigious recognition for technological innovation and contribution to national security in 1995. Dr. Gershman holds a B.Sc (cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University in 1989 and Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering from Bar Ilan University since 2013.

Dr. Heylal Mashaal

Antenna technology expert

Heylal mashaal - antenna expertDr. Heylal Mashaal is a physicist and antennas engineer, currently serving as a consultant for multiple high-tech companies. Heylal brings diverse experience in multiple fields with over 15 years of experience in the fields of antennas and wireless communications, specializing in design, production and experimentation of printed antenna technology. Heylal has also rich background in optics, specializing in optical nano rectennas, solar power and aplanatic optics.

Heylal holds a PhD in physics from Ben Gurion University since 2016 and
MSc in Electrical Engineering since 2001

Tal Goldestein

Polymers, adhesives, and composite Durability Expert

tal goldstein bonding and sealing expertConsultant in the area of new product/process design, adjustments and improvements to existing serial production processes, lifetime prediction and accelerated test matching, failure analysis of polymers, composites and electrical components (from nano to macro scale) with state of the art equipment. expireince for more than 25 years in the bonding and sealing processes for defense and medical systems.

All round eye-level examination and accompanying to engineering specifications for electronics, medical and high-level technological innovation products in the mentioned engineering specialties.

B.Sc in Chemical Engineering (1987)| The Technion, Haifa

M.Sc. in Materials Engineering (2003)- Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

MBA in Business Management (1999)| Tel Aviv University

Eli Sarig

Electronic Assembly expert

eli sarig assembly expertEli Sarig, Process Engineer. For the last 20 years worked mainly in the Technological Research Department of MOD. Expert professional in Process Engineering of Electronic assembly. Experienced also in failure analysis, and responsible for large technological projects. During the years, responsible for the technological education of many engineers and workers.
M.Sc in Electronic Engineering – The Department of Physical Electronics – Tel Aviv University.
B.Sc in Materials Engineering – Tthe Department of Electronic materials – Ben Gurion University.
During the years, published articles regarding electronic production and testing. Participate and Lectures in professional conventions on electronic production issues.

Yuval Heimer

Mechanical Design for Reliability and Applicability expert

18 years of experience in team working as a senior manager in an elite R&D technology unit.
Has served as head of the IMOD Mechanical Design and Application department, focusing on conceptual and Mechanical Design
Of high-reliability multi-disciplinary systems, applicability and fieldability.

Dealing with initiating, R&D, designing and leading state of the art multi-disciplinary systems with superior reliability requirements.
Has won Israeli defense award – Israel’s most prestigious R&D recognition (1996).

Since 2005 is working as a consultant with several groups and teams in the Israeli Hi-Tech and Israeli defense sector, specializing in design for reliability and applicability.
This field includes different aspects of Mechanical Reliability related to multi-disciplinary, integrated, hi-tech projects.
Deriving specifications and environmental specifications, feasibility tests and studies, conceptual design, design reviews, failure analysis and performing Quality and reliability audits for suppliers and manufacturers.

B.Sc. – Mechanical Engineering – Ben Gurion University (1987)
M.Sc. – Mechanical Engineering – Tel Aviv University (1994).