PCB Drying before test

To dry or not to dry??? your coupons before reflow simulation and thermal shock testing in the HSL2L. You need to decide.
Before reflow simulation for your coupons and thermal shock testing in the HSL2L, it is needed to decide to dry or not, the coupons.

What needed is to look at your current process. If your real PCB are dried before assembly we suggest drying your coupon before reflow simulation, especially if your PCB’s materials is Polyimide. The drying is at no extra charge in the standard testing plan.

If in your ordinary assembly process no drying is performed before reflow simulation, we suggest not to dry your coupons before reflow simultion and the thermal shock tesing in the HSL2L systerm. eliminating the drying step can help us give you a faster response.

When drying is performed its include minimum 4 hours at 120°C and up to overnight.