PCB QA and Manufacturer Audits

With over 20 years of experience in electronic production and consulting services we provide you the full turnkey for qualifying your PCB vendors, and measuring the PCB quality and reliability.

Choosing the right PCB manufacturer for the product is a combination of several parameters that should fit your needs. These are technology capabilities, lead time, price and maybe above all quality and reliability. If you are a mass production manufacturer the proper way is choosing a couple of PCB manufacturers in order to reduce your risk. The process of selecting PCB manufacturer starts with technical and commercial communication between the customer and the selected manufacturer and includes also a formal audit in manufacturer’s facility. We can provide you with this full process so your selection would be with minimal risk.


Printed circuits board SOW heading (sample)

  1. General info
  2. Reference to standards etc.
  3. General requirements
  4. Special requirements regarding coating, materials, marking, testing, engineering etc.
  5. Requirements for document and coupons with shipment

Printed Circuits Boards manufacturer Audit

Before audits, audit targets must be defined by the customer, which for example can include  –

1. Evaluating manufacturer customer profile – is it fits us?

2. Evaluating manufacturer quality control methods and performance

3. Understanding manufacturer limits

4. Making working together smoother, etc.