With more than 120 years of accumulated experience in all the stages of electronic systems development we are here for you.

With more than 20 years in the PCB manufacturing arena and with our professional team covering all the electronic development needs with more than 125 years of accumulated experience in PCB manufacturing, assembly process, electronic and antenna development, packing and bonding technologies.

Part of the services we can offer your include:

  • HSL2L PCB testing – The fastest and full testing of your PCB for reliability.  -PCB  design and manufacturing and probably we can offer you the best tool ever to test for PCB reliability.
  • Failure analysis? PCB failure? assembly Failure? system failure? the right man we lead you out of it.
  • PCB QA and manufacturer audits? Working with you as your consultant in establishing SOW, making audits and defining the right QA process for your PCB. If you want we can be your incoming lab for it all give you a tested PCB JIT.
  • DFX consulting – if it is DFM, DFT, DFA we can give  you the right design guide
  • Cost reduction – We offer you to start with a panel review of your products with our talented experts, in some hours we can make with you a strategies map to test for cost reduction viewing all your processes. After you can try it for yourself or let us lead parts or all of the program till cost reduction established.